the art of mexican food

A few years ago, if you asked me what I wanted to eat I would have said anything but Mexican. 

Yes. There was a time when I wasn't maraca-ing my way towards chips and cheese dip. Boy, how times have changed. 

Ask me now? I'll say give me chips and guac all day, every day and I'll be your's forever. 

Photo from Bartaco website

Photo from Bartaco website

Yesterday, David received some BIG news so I took him out to celebrate. 


To say I become more and more impressed with this place is an understatement. From my first time here for a client lunch to yesterday with David, the drinks, food and service continually go up. 

First things first - the ordering system. You're not rushed to pick out your meal and then once the order is in, you regret it. You fill out a card of what you want - tacos, not tacos, sides, etc. You place your card on a stand and Wah-Lah, the server takes the card and the rest of history. The great thing about this card system is you can order as many times as you like. (I think the time before this, David and I ordered 3 different times)

Drinks - We each had a margarita. Mine - classic, David's spicy. Imagine fresh squeezed lime juice with pulp throughout, Maestro Dobel Diamante tequila, agave syrup (you know gotta watch those calories). All I needed was a beach and this was heaven.  


Onto the food
Guacamole - so fresh. My personal favorite tacos were the baja fish and the fried oyster. I could actually really go for a fried oyster taco right now. David's favorites were the falafel and cauliflower. Oh and did I mention the grilled corn? Hello my new comfort food. David was even a fan and if you know him you understand that cheese isn't on his favorites list. 

Bartaco Inman Park has become a staple in my dining out restaurants. For those that haven't tried it, I highly suggest you do. I personally rate it at the top along with Taqueria del Sol. 

That's saying a lot.