How did the name spiltcoffee come about?

spiltcoffee came after going through 20+ blog names, tbh. I wanted something that spoke to my personality. Something that represented being vibrant, eclectic, effortless, having a sense of essence that's relatable. That's how spiltcoffee came to be. 


Am I natural blonde?

Yes I am! I have a wonderful stylist who keeps up my color. I've died my hair only 1x and that was brunette before leaving the country for 3 months. Am I wanting to go back?? Yes but there are so many other colors I want to try first! Right now, I'm really in platinum and the upkeep for it, is no joke. Also, fun fact: I was born with black hair and went through all the colors before landing on blonde. Blondes really do have more fun! 

What's my style?

My style is unique in a way that makes people think differently about putting outfits together. I combine pieces that you normally would have never thought but you’re inspired to wear it too. I keep it affordable, desirable, and also attainable.

Keep it fun, flirty, and edgy. 



What are my favorite places I've traveled to?

The list goes on and on but my top places are: Da Lat, Thailand, Paris, Munich, Cambodia and New York City. Had to throw a US city in there, somewhere. 


How did I get into writing?

I wrote a ton in high school. So much that I was part of a writing clan called the Red Headed Clan, where we would write short stories together. Even our school papers would piggy back off each other and yes, I was the only blonde in a group of red heads. I fell back in love with writing when I traveled for 3 months. Writing about my experiences and having people actually laugh and get inspired, was all I needed. I was hooked from then on. 

What's my workout routine?

Growing up as a dancer, I was always moving. That's why it's no surprise I became obsessed with barre classes. I've been a barre instructor, here in Atlanta, for a few years now. I've also recently starting getting into boxing and circuit training classes around the city. It's always so surprising what your body can do when you challenge it. 


A fun fact about me?

I taught myself how to juggle. 


My guilty fashion obsession?

Sunglasses. I can never get enough of them! I always try to have two pairs with me. You know, you gotta to have options! 


What's on my Spotify? 

Currently, indie music, rap and EDM are all on my Spotify. Sometimes you just need some rap to get you through that work day grind. Festival season is my absolute favorite so I'm listening to bands I'll be seeing this later this year. You can always follow me on Spotify to check out what kind of mood I'm in. 


One trend I'm so happy about?

Athleisure! Thank the heavens! Being able to live in leggings and it be called stylish is all I need in life. 


Must have clothing staples?

  1. Leather jacket
  2. Jean jacket
  3. A good pair of wide leg jeans & boyfriend jeans
  4. Graphic tee (band tees are my fav)
  5. Nude heels

What's my #1 piece of advice when trying new styles? 

Be confident. Confidence is a game changer when it comes to your personal style and trying something outside your comfort zone. Treat everyday like a fashion show and own it.