denim days

Like I said before - denim on denim is a go-to favorite. The look of two denim pieces together creates a variety of looks that I personally cannot wear enough of. You can pair an oversized buttoned shirt with a pair of skinnies, a pair of wide legs jeans with a fitted, sleeveless shirt, or throw on a pair of your favorite ripped shorts plus the buttoned jean shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Each look gives off a different style through using just one material - denim. 

I know some have brought up concern about whether or not the denim color is suppose to match. If this was the 80's I would have said no doubt but that idea died when we hit the 2000's. However, if you're a lucky one that finds two separate pieces of the same color, work it. 

Personally for me, I enjoy creating contrast with two different color denims. Pair a darker bottom with a lighter top or vise vera. 


Ripped jeans... now that is up to you. You either are a fan or you aren't. 

Me? Call me a big admirer.

This distressed jeans offers a variety of looks. Dress them up with a blazer, nude heels and white buttoned shirt. Dress them down with a plain grey tee with high top converse. 

I don't spend a fortune on mine and you shouldn't either. The ones above are from Forever 21. Absolute favorite but below are some others that are worth checking out.