dot the i's & cross the t's

What do you do when you get the opportunity to work AmericasMart for a well known company? (Insert Mittoshop here) You work that damn thing like you just received $20 to spend at the candy shop. 

Wednesday through Sunday of last week, I was surrounded by racks and racks of clothing. I wrapped myself around the clothes, used them as blankets, smelt their just sewed together smell... not really but you get of how I felt. The highlight of this experience though was wearing different clothing throughout the day, putting styles together as if you were about to walk down the runway. 

Oh and I was gifted the gift of selecting 3 lovely pieces from the collection to take home. So what did I pick?

1. A bombass suede bomber jacket
2. A cream oversized sweater
3. A blue strappy bralette
(will post picks as I'm wearing them)

Thanks Mittoshop for this unforgettable opportunity