should: used to indicate obligation, duty

I was recently reading a book where I came across an idea that stuck with me; how we should limit 'should' from our vocabulary.

But wait a minute Meghan. I say 'should' just as much as I say the word 'like' or everyone’s favorite 'um'. Honey, you're preaching to the choir. I'm like right there with you. 

So why was this so interesting to me? Possibly because shoulda coulda woulda mostly revolves around criticizing our actions. 

“I should be working out instead of watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns.”
*This one happens to me almost every week. I mean old school Grey’s Anatomy, come on!

“I should be eating grilled chicken instead of a chickfila fried chicken sandwich.”

Why is it such a big deal to act like what we’re doing isn’t good enough? Why are we putting so much energy and thought into what we should be doing instead of indulging in what we’re actually doing? 
*Side note: as I’m writing this part and asking questions, I can’t help but think of Carrie Bradshaw doing this. It always annoyed the fuck out of me when she asked probing questions in her writing after having a moment with a man or a purse. I gotta quit that.

Point being is not that I reminded myself of Carrie Bradshaw; god knows I’d love to have her closet. The point is I’m going to start enjoying the little, guilty pleasures of life and taking 'should' out of my vocabulary.

I suggest you do the same boo and have no ragrets. ;)