mi cabo es su cabo

So I’m sharing this a little later than I had hoped. Damn you cold/ flu/ virus that nearly took a week of my life. Better late than never though, right?!?! Besides, it’s not like any of y’all are booking a flight to Cabo and leaving first thing in the morning…

Maybe I spoke too soon but just in case you’re that 1 in a million person who actually is booking a flight and leaving tomorrow, let me share the love of my top favorite things to do in Cabo!  

P.S. We stayed at the Grand Solmar for both trips to Cabo. Absolutely beautiful! 


Edith’s: There’s no other truer Mexican themed restaurant as there is Edith’s. You know how there can be a disconnect between authentic atmosphere and authentic food in the global world? Not here! No way, Jose! These two worlds join forces to produce superb margaritas, delicious food (omg dat corn chowder tho), and a mariachi band that will have you singing Guantanamera for days. 2nd time around we’ve shut this place down. Yes, the band is that good! 


La Dolce: Those who know me know I am not a huge fan of Italian food. However, if there was a La Dolce in Atlanta… I’d eat here every day if I could. That’s how spectacular this local Cabo place does Italian. Get the pizza. Just do it! 


El Farollon: There’s never been a more timeless experience than being able to dine on the side of a cliff with the waves crashing below. Don’t worry, they have heaters and blankets in case the ocean air is too intense for you. If this description doesn't do it for you maybe the ranking of this place will. It's ranked as one of the top restaurants, hotels and spas in Cabo, Mexico and Latin America.

Imma leave this right there for ya

The Office: No cubicles here! Just some good, daytime beach dining with your feet in the sand and a margarita in your hand. 


Cocina del Mar: Another timeless view overlooking the ocean while stuffing your face with seafood, steak and wine. No photos for this one but that just gives you all the more reason to go and experience this exquisite place yourself! 

El quid Roe: This is your trashy, jail looking bar where high school seniors go to get hammered and dance the night away with other sweaty looking seniors. It’s also the place where you, for some odd reason, decide to get table service and wake up with a bottle of tequila with your picture on it. YOLO at its finest.


Mango Deck: To be perfectly honest, the only reason this place is on the list is because I wanted to share with you guys I won a dance competition here and the prize was free bottle service at Mandala. Go, don’t go, I don’t care. 

ATVs: Live a little and get your booty in an ATV now! Highly recommend Cactus ATV Tours as we did the Baja Sur. Be prepared to be super dusty at the end and ask for George to be your guide! 

Medano BeachBeach it up! Rent jet skis, rent a beach chair for the trade of a beer or 10, say the word ‘no’ more than you ever have in one sitting. (You’ll get what I mean once you’re there) Plus The Office and Mango Deck are right there. Kill 3 birds with 1 stone! 

Till next time Cabo...

May your cacti stay green and prickly, the tequila in those margaritas keep flowing, and the fiestas stay grander than grand