that thong th thong thong thong

This isn't a post about my underwear. I swear! I've burned all my thongs so I wouldn't have much to talk about, anyways. In true Sisqo fashion, what I'm bout to share is my rather, recent experience over a thong bathing suit purchase. 

Obviously before Cabo, I was ordering bathing suits like a maniac. Ordered from Missguided, Revolve, Show Me Your Mumu but never had I bought one from Amazon. After hearing rave reviews from them I thought why not now. There's no time like the present. 

I must have been tipsy or something when I came across this suit because I never saw in the description, the word 'thong' anywhere. In my mind, I was dead set this was a Brazilian style suit.

ou guys know what I'm talking about. With a Brazilian, you can get your booty a little color but not have your entire ass out there for everyone and the world to see. It's a win/win. Later did go back and look up the title and description...

Ehh I was wrong. So wrong. I received the bathing suit to immediately find my imaginary Brazilian, styled bottoms were a thong. Not a semi thong where there's enough fabric to cover your ass even by a tiny bit. It was a full on ass showing, full moon, floss thin, thong. The only perk to this suit was it's firecracker, red coloring. 

Like true Meghan fashion, I tried it on. 

I can honestly say now, I'm not a thong person. As much as I'd love to have my entire ass tan, the feeling of floss in my bum while on the beach is not something I particularly wanted to endure. Besides, can you imagine if I got sunburnt? Oh the stories. 

I must bid adieu to you, bright red thong. We didn't work out so I burned you like I do with all my exes pictures' aka returned you.