i'm even more of a hot mess after da lat

This place made its way to the top of my favorites list. Located in the mountains of central Vietnam, Da Lat has beauty, the greatest Vietnamese food and what one could describe as "the perfect weather."

Before this trip, I never heard of Da Lat and wasn't planning on going there. Until I heard from an old man in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai talk about this town, I knew nothing of it. Let me just tell you - this place... I can see myself living there. Aside from our mad driver, the ride in was filled with green mountains one after another. We made our way into the city and immediately I felt like I time travelled back to Europe. Maybe it was the feeling of being back in Europe or maybe it was my experience, who I saw, what I did to immediately feel at home.

Oh and the bakery here even made the sweets at home look like shit.


If someone right now asked me what my favorite places in the world were, Da Lat would be one of them.


Crazy House was exactly what you think... A freakin' crazy ass house. Imagine Tim Burton, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and Hogwarts from Harry Potter create one house.

Welcome to the Crazy House.

What else did Da Lat have that other places lacked? 
1. A piece of my heart.
2. Some of the best carrot cake with lemon cream cheese icing. 
3. A bar version of the Crazy House. Lord, I can only imagine what would have happened if I was wasted in that place.
4. The experience of dying and going to heaven aka climbing Langbiang, the highest peak in all of Da Lat. In heaven, you can eat Ban Minh up in clouds.

The food here was some of the best food and wonderful news IT DIDNT MAKE ME SICK! I indulged myself and I enjoyed every bit of it. I could have done without the chicken feet though.

To be honest, I'm sure my description doesn't do justice to this place. My experience here meant a great deal to me, for more reasons than one. ❤️