a r c a d i a

Kampot, Cambodia

Have any of you ever heard of this place? Maybe, maybe not. It's a small town, located close to the coast of Cambodia. And what is there is the greatest place known to backpackers.

welcome you to Arcadia. 


Located away from town on the Praek Tuek Chhu river, Arcadia welcomes non hostel world backpackers to enjoy a low key environment where you can make your stay whatever you want. You want a chill place to sit in a hammock and read, that's possible. It's even possible to watch Tangled in a hammock... yes I did this. You want a drinking fest with the workers and chill people? That's possible too.

Our first night determined how the rest of our stay was going to go. We sit at the bar, log into wifi (of course duh), and drink a margarita. Next thing we know, we're being called out for being on our phones by the staff, the owner, and his unfunny friend Geoff. LIttle did I think we'd spend our days in Kampot with these two and two others - Hayley and Beau.

A day goes by and next thing you know, all of us are on a speedboat, tubing down the river topped off with cases of beer.

Let the day drinking commence. 
Needless to say I was in heaven. 

Oh, a future tip for anyone wanting to day drink with me here you go - ultimately when Mirwin indulges in day drinking, she also finds herself asleep by 8pm. Not much has changed from my Showercap and Terrapin days. 

What else did Kampot offer? I wish I could tell you more but my days in Kampot were spent at Arcadia and I wouldn't have changed it for anything. I did make it out of Arcadia 1 day to visit Kep. Sure the massive coconut we had at the pepper plantation was divine. So were the prawns with green pepper. But Arcadia swooped me off my feet.