i got a boyfriend in cambodia

I'm going to be completely honest. Throughout this whole trip, Cambodia was on the bottom of the totem pole. If before someone asked me if I wanted to go to Cambodia, I probably would have said no. 

Crazy, right?

So now what do I think of Cambodia?

This is yet another place that has completely blown my mind. It beats out Laos and Vietnam by a 5k. And to be honest again, when I saw Laos I thought it was a poor country. Once we drove into Phnom Penh, yet again I was proven wrong. Cambodia is a third world country but I would pick this place as my new vacation spot if I had the money to constantly fly. It's been fascinating seeing and learning how a poorer country operates but also seeing how absolutely beautiful a poor country can be. 

You must be thinking right now... "What drugs is this girl on? She crazy."
But I'm not. Anyone who has been to Cambodia will agree with me. 

My Cambodian journey thus far has brought me to Phnom Penh which I'm sure 80% of you are aware of. If not, this is the place where the Khmer Rouge and the "Killing Fields"happened in the late 70s. Did I want to go? No, not really. I heard a lot of mixed emotions about this place and I could immediately relate because this is exactly how I felt when I visited the Holocaust camp during my Europe adventure.

Total emotion rollercoaster

Well after talking to people, I was encouraged to go. And I'm glad I did. When you're in a new country, you have to go see what makes the country unique. Unfortunately, the "Killing Fields"are a big part of what made Cambodia... well Cambodia. It wasn't as emotional as I was expecting. Yes, it's a site everyone should see along with the Genocide Museum. I will warn anyone a head of time, the museum is 10x worse and will throw your emotions for a loop. 

On the bright side though, I got a new boyfriend at dinner that night. Don't know his name though...