a night in chiang mai

Note - before you get your thong in a throng about us only spending 1 night Chiang Mai, we'll be going back and staying longer.

Moving on

Here's a list to summarize our day/ night

  • Add red bull to your whiskey Coke for a bit sweeter taste
  • For those of you who have played beer pong with me, hint hint David and Katie, I suck. Um well Anna and I won a game against the Canadians. Read that sentence again. We won and along the way got nicknamed Eagle (myself) and Freedom (Anna).
  • Go to Zoe's & get jiggy with it listening to some beloved Bieber
  • Never ever throw away half eaten pad thai (yes our Canadian friends, I'm looking referring to you)
  • Your hostel might be located next to a sick grandmother and will probably be forced leave for the bars earlier than what you wanted
  • Hideout might be the best place for an egg bagel sandwich & iced green milk tea. Thanks Peter for the recommendation
  • Never be hungover the day of riding up to Pai in a mini van unless you intend to be carsick on top of your hangover
  • A coconut margarita might be the best thing you've ever tasted. Shoutout to the Western Saloon
  • Hopefully you enjoy listening to Tracy Chapman because you will hear her often