mirwin & bangkok

Well we made it to Chiang Mai! Let's rewind back to the past few days in Bangkok. 

Grand Palace ✔️ note - we saw the king and queen
Wat Pho ✔️
War Traimit ✔️


My favorite out of these was definitely Wat Traimit aka Golden Buddha. Isn't it crazy to think people from all over world travel here just to pray in front of it? 

Mind blown

Tuk tuks will try to take you to their sponsor's business (people who pay for their gas), even if you're really aren't wanting to go to a tailor, tuk tuks will try. It will happen. And it is possible that they will kick you out when you say no. Yes, it happened to us. Word of advice: say you have someplace to be in 15-20 mins and meeting someone. Hey it worked for us!


The street food is 👌🏻. Thanks to my hungover Sunday's, I'm become a pad thai fanatic. Yep you guessed it. Our first dinner was pad thai. Throughout the stay, we also devoured ourselves in street chicken and sticky rice.

Shout out to Cabbages & Condoms for a fantastic meal and also the little gifts of condoms we received in place of mints.

Let's move right along to our last day in Bangkok. Morning breakfast consisted of a white chocolate raspberry muffin followed by a 10am beer. Luckily, since it was the weekend, 
Anna and I were able to experience the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It's one of the world's largest markets. Put together the Atlanta Mart and the Hawaii's Aloha Stadium Swap Meet market and that's what we saw. No, we didn't buy anything. Yes, be shocked because I'm shocked at myself. 

After shopping, we drank some beer and facetimed with the lovely Will Giddens and Kramer from Kramer's bar in Atlanta. Yes, there is a real Kramer. Guys, fix your wifi. 


We ended our Bangkok adventure with a somewhat sketchy trek into an overnight bus ride into Chiang Mai.

Would I go back to Bangkok? Yes, maybe no. It was a lot to take in at the beginning of our trip but I think once I'm over here longer, I'd go back.