a circus in pai

I felt like our hostel deserved it's own explanation.

I won't lie, the first 2 nights here I felt like an outcast. Maybe because I didn't have dreads or that I wasn't trying to party it up like it was 1999. Honestly, it reminded me of the day after a music festival ends and the far and few stay behind to continue their festival adventure. Y'all know I love music festivals so I'm not judging by any means.

Move onto our last 2 nights & I can now say that I have a totally different view of Pai Circus Hostel. Once the sun came out to play, that's when Circus truly shined. Travelers were out and about on the hilltop learning new tricks or catching up on their skin cancer by the pool. The whole place just put out an incredibly beautiful vibe.


For those of you that know me, it's been quite different not working out regularly. Obviously, when someone says there's a yoga class at 9am overlooking the mountains, Imma gonna be there. And let's go ahead an all agree that Yoga Dave gave an incredible class. 

Most important yoga class takeaway, "It's either a fuck yes or a fuck no." 

So Circus offers morning yoga, an amazing pool view, family dinner but we all know that street food is where it's at. By far one of the most unique thing this place offers is a place to learn circus tricks. I perfected my juggling even more. Note - if you did not know I could juggle, we need to rethink our friendship.

Another interesting talent I acquired was rope walking. No, I was not walking from building A to building B but from pole A to pole B was just as terrifying. Thanks to hottie mchottie Jordan for teaching Anna and I how to walk without breaking a limb.

Did Mr. hottie also give me a dread? You bet that fine ass of his. For the curious ones, I only got 1 dreadlock, not a full head. Sorry to break any hearts but I don't think I could pull that off.


It honestly does not matter if you're traveling to party with mates or not, I highly suggest you stay at Circus during your stay at Pai. It's considered a "party hostel" but there's so much more this place offers than a hangover. Have I mentioned the sunset view?