elephants for days, well for 7 days


So one of the reasons I wanted to visit Southeast Asia was to volunteer with animals. Way back then, I wanted to be a marine biologist or what some of you remember "A dolphin trainer". But then I met college science classes and said ✌🏻️ out. 

Moving away from the flashback, I still hold a spot in my heart for animals - mostly dolphins, dogs, elephants and sea turtles. What better place to be hands on with one of my favorite animals than being in a place where they hold so much meaning.

So here I am, at Elephant Nature Park for a week volunteering.


I arrived to this jungle Monday morning with a day full of documentaries, orientation, and a personal welcome by this lady above. I forgot to mention we stuffed our faces over 2 courses. The food is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. Being a vegetarian and vegan place, it's making me want to become a vegetarian again. Shhh, Chickfila you did not hear that.

Back to the main attraction - the elephants and the park.

I did quite a bit of research on places here that allowed volunteers. Sadly, a good bit of them continue to treat the animals poorly so be sure to truly research before going to any. Also, I will not be taking photos of me riding an elephant. It is still considered abuse so I'll be sticking to selfies with these guys.


With it being Tuesday, I've only experienced a little bit. My morning was filled with shit, literally. I, Meghan Irwin shoveled elephant poop.

No, I didn't fall face first so don't bother asking me.

The afternoon, we explored around visiting the different elephant families. The work here is honestly easy. I feel like I'm not doing enough but I can always ask for more to do. The good thing is that this place is extremely peaceful. The people in my group are so laid back. Almost, I feel like I'm back at Girl Scout camp with Lorna and Haley but sadly no Girl Scout cookies here folks.

Stay tuned for more shit filled elephant adventures.