hello may


Let's talk about

what's going on this month.

Granted, May started last week. Sooo I'm a little late. It's ok. Go with it. 

First off, this past weekend Atlanta decided to revisit January with this cold front. Coats and layers were back in full swing and I was not happy about it. And now, it's beautiful outside but I'm sitting here with long leggings and a sweater on, still chilly. I guess it's better than the sweat-sesh that's going to Atlanta any second now. Don't know what I'm talking about? Come on and visit me anytime June - September. 

1. Music is on my mind. After seeing Sinkane and the Chili Peppers in April, I'm ready to add so many more to my list and increase my band tee collection. Roll call for Shaky Knees

2. Engagements, bachelorettes and wedding season is in full bloom. What to wear to all of these is always tricky. Can't wear white obviously. Can't look too good because you can't out do the bride. I have a few things this upcoming month. On Saturday, I had an engagement party for a dear friend and opted to wear this number from American Threads. Here's a similar one but long sleeve. Still a fav of mine!  


3. White booties. Let's say it again white booties. Can we please please talk about this 80's trend coming in hot? I am obsessed. I'm typically a nude shoes gal 100% but I'm really feeling this look. Jeans with white booties, check. A wrapped dress with white booties, check. Now since I don't own a pair yet. Which ones to get? What do you guys like?

4. Everything red - this color lately has been screaming to me. Why not wear something that's loud and uber flattering? I've been meaning to add this color to my closer. These are just a few pieces that have stuck out to me.  I have a thing for baseball caps.