addison shepherd or meredith grey? I'm meredith grey

I've been thinking about this subject for some time and just figured I should just put it out. There are thousands of bloggers out there. I know that. I get it. So what makes me different from the rest? Who am I to you?

I'm me.
I'm kind of a big deal.... ha.
Not even close to being a big deal but I think my personality speaks enough for itself. 

- I like to write about fashion, my experiences, things I go through - things that I deal with that might inspire others. So yes, my blog will be a combination of different things. I love when I hear I helped someone get through some shit or inspired someone to travel to Southeast Asia, that's why I started this. 

- I'm 27 years old, currently paying off debt, work 2+ jobs. I'm just like you. I don't have the budget to buy a new wardrobe for every day of the week or go out to dinner every weekend. 

- I'm not rich by any means so those $400+ shirts are not going to show up on this blog anywhere. I mean unless I win the lottery than yeah, sure why not. 

- I don't get clothes for free. I work hard to pay for things, just like you. 

- I'm a budget shopper. The majority of my clothes are under $100, sometimes/ more or less under $50.

- If I don't have the money to buy something expensive, I'm not going to buy it, wear it then urge you to buy it also. That's not who I am. 

- I will wear my clothes - outfits and single pieces - more than once. My photos reflect this because I'm just like you. Normal people wear the same thing more than twice. Don't like it? buh bye.

- I'll inspire you to switch up your outfits using pieces you already own. 

- All my photos are taken on my iPhone. Oh wait, you have an iPhone too? We should be friends. 

- I'm not always in the mood to look put together. Sometimes, I just really don't want to put makeup on and shower. This sound familiar? 

- I don't spend 4+ hours getting ready. 

- Some of my clothes are 3+ years old. I still wear them so you should feel comfortable wearing your older clothes too. 

- I'm not here just to post my cute outfits on Instagram. You're going to see writing about a lot of things. 

I'm just like you. I worry about the same things - money, weight, looks, work, not liking anything in my closet.
This blog is just a way for me to open my life up so others can hopefully be inspired.

peace haters