whoaa I'm here

Hi loves!

I know I know, it’s been a good 2 cents and a half since I’ve written. I’m not going to bore you nor think it’s worth anyone’s time for me to go in the reasoning and the blah blah blah. What you do need to know is I’m here! 

Let’s chat

It’s a new year… obviously. Everyone is gung-ho with resolutions over there like “No carbs for me bitch” and over here saying in their Regina Georgie voice "I really wanna lose 3 pounds.” You go Glen Coco but word of thought: isn’t it more about a fresh start with resolutions than feeling like a jail cell where you limit yourself from living. You can start resolutions anytime you want. I know the feeling though. As I have an internal battle myself with a fresh start vs a jail cell,  it does make it just a tiny bit easier to have a fresh start in parallel to the new year. So this is my fresh start with you guys. 

I’m excited and looking forward to this year giving you guys the content you ache for. Ok, aching for content might be a little over the top but you know where I’m getting at. I excited to share with you content that will inspire and speak to you. So no more blabbing on.

While I did not give up alcohol as my resolution, I have a bottle of wine waiting on me and it’s not going to drink itself.