stylish savannah night 1

As I'm sure you've guessed, I spent my long weekend and almost my 1 year anniversary since leaving the country, away in Savannah, GA. 

We ate. We drank. I stole yet again somebody's drag show virginity. (If you're wondering what this is, look back on my posts from March 2016)

What everyone is wondering though is what did I wear on this quick getaway. I'll be sharing my outfits over a few posts so your bank account won't be hurting as badly. You can thank me later (wink wink)


*I know the picture is blurry. Boohoo. I was learning about ghosts during this picture so maybe one of them got ahold of the camera. 

Friday - We endeavored on a walking ghost tour around Savannah so Nikes over stilettos were the move. Good news is that the amazing jacket I wore is on sale!