a little place called hair haven

It's times when I get my hair colored, I feel like a sexy beast who just won the lottery. 

Now say it with me,  Luna Rose
Remember it

I've known the owner Chelsea Harwood since High School but it wasn't until about two years ago that I finally went to her for color. I had been stalking her Instagram for let's say 4+ years. And damn, her pictures alone don't even do justice to how amazing she is with color.

You know after you get your hair done and it's such a subtle change that you're wondering what exactly you spent that $150 plus tip on?

I've had too many of those experiences in the past and I knew I wouldn't have an experience similar to this with Chelsea. Out of all the times I've had my hair done by her, I honestly cannot say I've ever walked out unhappy. She does what you ask for but is professional about it so your drastic color request doesn't end up making you look like Dennis Rodman.


Chelsea's always steered my hair in the direction I wanted but has done it safetly. If she truly believes your request isn't safe for your hair or won't look decent with your complextion, she'll tell you but will have a backup plan that I'm pretty sure you'll like better. I honestly believe this is the main reason I have gone back to her continously. I mean seriously, she does a badass job and the hair styling at the end is a major bonus. (The sexy beast starts being released right around this time)

If you aren't that big of a color person, she cuts too. And if that doesn't fancy you, her studio interior will do just that. 

astly, you best be making your appointment soon dolls because she's about to become a mommy!