koh relaxation

What I didn't mention in my last post was that Koh Phi Phi was Anna and myself' last adventure together. She went back to the states while I stayed here.


So basically Mirwin is on her own for a few weeks and where am I starting my alone journey? Koh Lanta

This is the exact place I want to be at. A quiet, still semi undeveloped tourist island, south of Phi Phi.

I've spent the last week doing nothing but laying on the beach and drowning myself in books. It's been everything I have wanted. I've read 2 books within a week, I've eaten enough toasties this week that I think I'm becoming a toasty, and I'm honestly just catching up on my alone time. I feel like I'm the only person on the beach and then at night the restaurants are filled with locals. I've had some amazing food here such as Mama Resto, Noodle Shop, and Living Room Bakery.

In my dorm, I've met an Italian who just cracks me up and then a girl from Norway. The 3 of us embarked on a day trip to Koh Rok to snorkel.

But mirwin, why did you snorkel when you're scuba certified? My ear, duh people.

I must say the fish I became besties with beat out what I saw in Koh Toa. Shocking, I know! The only thing that Rok did not have were sea turtles. But I saw the nemo family and I completely understand the first scene where they live and hide in the sea anemones. Basically, I was stalking this family of fish.

I'm a fish stalker now... great. Anna leaves and I become the girl who stalks fish. I need a life.

I know you guys want to know the juicy details of my adventure in Koh Lanta. Hate to break it to you babes but the juiciest detail I have is my tan lines are smaller. Oh yeah and I found a sand dollar! Doesn't really say much but ladies and gentlemen be prepared for me to come back as a darker, blacker, tanner, whatever crayola color you think of... person.