am I really home?

Surprise, surprise I'm back in the states. Now don't be mad I personally didn't send you a text saying, "Mirwin is coming home MM/DD/YYYY." I may have told 4 people for the reason being I was completely surprising my family out of no where.

So yeah yeah yeah I am home but I never told you about my last and some of my best moments of my excursion.

I went back to Chiang Mai to end my journey with a bang. Why did I go back to somewhere I've already been vs going somewhere new? Well, 1 I could rush somewhere new and not really experience the beauty of the place and 2 I was getting low on funds.

Ultimately though, Chiang Mai is that amazing of a city. Many people will agree with me on this statement.


Now, pretend that I'm not home yet but know I'm coming home soon. You're also dying to know how I'm spending my last days in Southeast Asia.

I was fortunate enough to have a close friend tell me about his close friend only beginning his journey in SE Asia plus was going to be in Chiang Mai at the same time.

ha Ching - this is how I met Cena


I hate the saying "my brotha from another motha" but this is exactly how I felt. I had met someone who I automatically felt related to and just "clicked" with. So the first day, we obviously met for breakfast at Hideout, duh, but it was Cena's 30th birthday.
*Note - those who know me, know I celebrate birthdays big... this one was big.

So how was the big 3 0 celebrated? well....
International Food Park ✔️
Sangria and mojitos ✔️
Live music ✔️
Ladyboy Cabaret ✔️(this will be the 2nd ladybody virginity I have taken)
Zoe in Yellow ✔️
Followed by more bars around the area and definitely some dancing ✔️✔️

Moving onto my last 3 days in Thailand:
Hideout breakfasts ✔️
Iced green tea ✔️
Taking Cena's toasty virginity ✔️
Sunday Night Market ✔️
Night Bazaar ✔️
More toasties ✔️
Tarot Cards read ✔️
Beer Lao ✔️
More International Food Park ✔️

and then the most craziest - Songkran ✔️✔️✔️

Songkran is Thai New Year. How do you celebrate a Thai New Year? With the ultimate water gun fight. Now there is a reason behind the splashing of water on people but the water gun fight has become a city wide/ nationwide way of celebrating. Everyone young and old partakes int his festival to celebrate good fortunate. My pictures and videos do not even do justice to the wetness I experienced. 

So there you have it - how I ended my trip and returned back to the states. 

hat happens now?