current feeling - april

Cannot believe it's already April 2. 

Cannot believe I'm in Cabo, sitting on the patio, listening to the ocean right now. 

My March was pretty uneventful - note the maybe 1 or 2 posts. Sorry about that guys. The month got away from me. But since April is here I thought I'd try something new, let you guys in on what I'm feeling for this month. Things I'll be crushing on throughout the month. 

Let's do it. 


I'm taking this trip to really reset, personally and mentally. Let's be honest though, I'll be doing all of this while drinking  margaritas by the pool. I may or may not be partying like it's the Laguna Beach Spring Break. RIP Kristin and Stephen or LC and Stephen. I never really knew. 


2. Now Walk It Out

You're probably thinking WTF. I would too. But hey - the cold is out and the warm is in and now is the perfect time to start walking outside more. I need to take advantage of it in Georgia before it becomes too hot the fire on I85. Too soon? Yeah, probably 


3. Goodbye Minimalism

Don't get me wrong. I've been really loving my minimalism look lately but I need to change it up for the time being. Gotta go outside my comfort zone. Don't worry minimalism - I'll be seeing you soon. I can't completely give you up. 

4. Festival Season

It's upon us ladies and gentlemen! The greatest time of the year and it all kicks off in April! 
Dogwood Festival
420 Fest
Inman Park Festival
Jazz Fest
Shaky Beats
Shaky Knees
The list could go on and on but I have no desire to type out. 


5. Leather

I think I've always been a fan of leather but now with the season changes, leather is the perfect accessory. My leather jacket will be a main focus this month for sure. A spring, lace dress with a leather jacket over it. Sold! 

I'm sure I have more things I'm feeling for the month but why have my mind made up when it's just April 2. My point exactly. 

Peace out yall.
I'm hitting the swim up bar.