bitch killed my vibe

You know when you wake up waiting to wear an outfit because you think getting ready is going to be easy today? I mean productive and successful people pick out their outfits the night before so why shouldn’t I? I’m productive. I’m… successful. Thought I had it all down when I woke up today.

I pushed snooze on my alarm about 8 different times. Got out of bed, not wanting to shower but had my sweaty hair from Cardio Forme the night before. So shower it was.
Thought the outfit I selected the night before would look good. I was stoked to be able to put it on, spray on perfume then dash out the door.

I realized the shirt I recently bought was just a tad too big, completely changing the vibe from boyfriend to oversized, as in 2 sizes too big. Add another item on my to do list for the week – return shirt at Marshall’s. Thank god I didn't take the tag off like I normally do.

hat did I do with 10 mins barely left too spare and no outfit? I threw an outfit together using my flared jeans I had planned on wearing with my 2 sizes too big shirt. Did it work? I’d say so.
I realized that this happens to a good majority of us. Doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 43, you still have those times when you thought your day was going to be smooth sailing turns to be rushing getting ready and feeling flustered the rest of the day. All because that outfit didn’t look good or your hairstyle looked like a dead bird’s nests. What do you do? How do you fix it so you it won’t affect the rest of your day?

  1. Have a go to outfit in mind. I know you have that one outfit you love and wear the first day your laundry is done. Let’s hope when days like this happen, your laundry is clean. * Mine was not done and couldn't wear my go to. 
  2. Have a 2-3 go to outfits in case your first choice isn’t available. If outfits 2 -3 are in your laundry as well, keep reading. 
  3. Grab your heels. Heels will always build your confidence up when you may not be feeling your cutest plus it can make you look more put together. *I wore mine today
  4. It’s blazer time. Throw it on over your shirt and immediately look like you’ve been thinking of this outfit in your head for weeks.
  5. Take one last look in the mirror and leave. You got this.

Now let’s hope I can get my shit together for tomorrow morning.