I talked about my ravishing experience at ENP but I didn't elaborate on the people I met throughout the week. Let's just say these individuals and I became close. You know how you just click with people and it feels like you've known them for years? That is EXACTLY how we were but negative on the sitting around a bonfire and singing "Kumbaya".


After spending a week and then some with these down right "cool as shit" people, I learned quite a few new sayings and heard some memorable quotes I thought I'd share.

Particularly, these all came from Ally Green. Will I be using some of these sayings when I'm back in the states? 



So I present to you - Allisms:

Mingin' - gross

Bum gun - the hose next to the toilet

Tampon dick

Simone - shemoans

Thighland - what some people though Thailand was called

"My ex boyfriend never farted in front of me so I knew he wasn't the one"

"I'll judge someone if they're the one or not"

"Suck on it bitch"

"I've never been into Asians until this trip"

"My mom doesn't like the flavor" - talking about the different enthincities of men

"The word Supper makes me feel weird"

"You can't be my boyfriend until you see this"

"I just want to talk to my bae"

"I've been the same since birth"

"This is when I grew my pits"

"I already had a pre dinner"