dust off those tshirts, girl

Who here has that pile of t-shirts that you can’t get rid of but you also never wear them? 

If you aren’t raising your hand or saying yes to yourself, you’re lying because I know we all have that pile somewhere in our closets. 

And what’s holding us back from wearing them? Is it because they’re big/ awkward length but not big enough to pull off the oversized look? Are the sleeves a tad bit too long and they bulk up when you try to fold them? Does the 'half tucked in' look not work because there’s too much fabric and it doesn’t fall right on the sides? I could go on and on about the endless reasons but that's not the point of this post. The point is, it's time to take those t-shirts out of the closet and dust them off. We're going to start wearing them again! 

Let's conquer those pesky bleach stains once and for all. Depending on where the stains are, wearing a statement necklace does wonders! Have stains where a necklace won’t work? Pair the t-shirt with a blazer. Take it up a notch with a pattern blazer. 


If you aren’t wearing the shirt because the length, fit, sleeves are just all sorts of wrong, CUT IT. Have fun and experiment with them! You aren’t wearing the shirts anyway so why not do a little snip here and there until you can find a length, look that makes you want to start wearing them. 

For a few shirts that have a large graphics, I’ve cut them to hit right below my waist so I can still wear them at work if I want. Shirts with a small graphic or are patterned, I’ve cut them all sorts of ways and then even tied it into a tank top. 


My one tip when you’re beginning your cutting escapade is to take it slow especially if you’re cutting one of your beloved t-shirts. Make small cuts here and then... try it on. ALWAYS TRY THEM ON before cutting more. This will help in determining where, how much, how little to cut. 

With that, I leave you loves to cut away and hopefully not jab yourself with scissors.