dancing, hot djs, relatable drunk moments: how can you not like netflix's ibiza?

Holy shit guys!

I finally watched Ibiza on Netflix. I know, I know… a little late to the game but you know what I hit a home run with this movie.

I caught myself LOLing alone in my living room so many times. I even rewound parts of the movie just so I could LOL again. God only knows what my neighbors must of thought.

This movie gave me so many feelings.

  1. I wanted to go out on the town and party the night away.

  2. I wanted and still, want to meet an extremely sexy DJ who looks just like Rob Stark and have the greatest 'love at first sight’ story anybody’s ever seen.

  3. I wanted to do something spontaneous that made absolutely no sense.

  4. I wanted to get up and dance which I may or may not have done in my living room.

  5. I wanted to go to Ibiza because duh it looks fucking fun.

This movie put me in such a happy, feel good, free-spirited mood, whatever the fuck you want to feel that I’m telling everyone to stop what they’re doing and watch it. Get a group of friends together and watch it so you can throw an impromptu dance party when the beat starts dropping.

Yes, there are other movies with a much better story line. Yep, there are times throughout the movie you’re thinking ‘why the fuck am I watching this’. But I promise you - you WILL laugh. You WILL find parts of the movie you relate so well to. You WILL find parts of the movies that remind you of your drunk foolish friends. You WILL laugh again and then you may even get up and dance. You may even buy a ticket to Ibiza. I may or may not have done that for my 30th.

This movie is just great. Simple as that.