what to wear when you sweat in the summer, outside, at an arts festival

Spring through fall in Atlanta, there are festivals on top of festivals. Some dealing with beer, some dealing with music, others deal with art and food. 

If you want to act like a local, you go to one or many of these things. 

Grant Park's Summer Shade fest was a new one for me this year. Mostly consisting of food (Island Noodles), drinks & music. So your day is joyously filled with food, some art or plants if you're David and me and then tunes. 

Days likes these are the hardest to decide what to wear. I for one sweat A LOT. Therefore, I needed to be able to breathe with my outfit. Opting for a white crop top with a nude lace braelette underneath, I was able to elaborate on the accessories. Since I wasn't going to da club at 2pm, I paired a tighter fitting top with loose linen shorts from Urban Outfitters. Sale item for $12. 

Adding the final oh la la - I added a hat to protect my skin from the sun. Get at me Georgia heat.