mayflower times

As I had started my week (this is last week I'm talking about), I was imaging and well planning to go to Shaky Knees. Well, that obviously didn't happen. Instead, I was invited last minute to visit New England and see my grandparents. 


For those that don't know me, I didn't grow up with my grandparents right around the corner. I grew up with them a plane ride away. Therefore, any chance then or now I get to spend some quality time with them, it's a definite yes in my book.

So yeah, I flew to Massachusetts Friday morning and spent the weekend amongst the yankees and the land of fish n chips. What did I do? What did I pack? I ate A LOT! 

Fish n chips

Ice cream with jimmies

Clam cakes

I visited my favorite human ever, my grandfather, in the nursing home. I met and re-met cousins. I scouted grocery stores for Funny Bones. You can't find these babies in the south. 


What did I pack for a quick weekend? Kept it simple with an assortment of accessories. 



Jean jacket ✔️

Graphic tees ✔️

Maxi dress ✔️

Black versatile dress ✔️

Crop jeans ✔️

Wedges ✔️

Birkenstocks ✔️



I'm ready to go back now.