Luang Prabang is a complete 180 from Vang Vieng. The scenery, the streets - it reminds me of some place I visited in Europe. I can't put my finger on it, but maybe one of the cities in Germany, maybe even a larger version of St. Goar. No loud backpackers here, just a small city full of locals and travelers old and young. 

I won't lie, it's a nice change from Vang Vieng.


There's a night market that we've been to every night, amazing restaurants that serve anything to Western food to Lao food to French food. They even have wine! So much freakin' better than VV's wine too.

The most beautiful thing I've seen, other than the wine of course is the Kuang Si Falls, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia with the coldest water you can imagine.

Did I jump off a tree into the freezing water? Well duh! Maybe I'm trying to overcome my fear of heights, I don't really know but I'm finding myself take advantage of any cliffs I can jump off of... into water of course.

The best thing about our adventure here was that we went early enough to where we were able to climb the falls with just us. No rando travelers in our pictures thank you very much! I'm 100% sure we were in everyone else's pictures though. So if you see me in a postcard or in some random person's picture - let me know!

Another great opportunity we took advantage of here was volunteering at the Big Brother Mouse Project. For 2 hours, we helped locals practice their English and answer any questions they wanted to know about the meaning of a word, etc. During my 2 hours, I spoke with a high school munk who was applying for colleges in New York. He even let me read his personal statement! I spoke with another high school student who was a quite the fan of love songs, particularly love ons by One Direction. It was wonderful and I wish I could have volunteered here a couple more times during my stay. 

But onto Vietnam for the next few weeks ✌🏻️