i gotta phi

To continue our journey of the island life, the next stop was Koh Phi Phi because of course how can you say you went to Thailand but didn't visit Koh Phi Phi.

And yes, this is where the movie "The Beach" was filmed.

I, Meghan Irwin touched the same sand that Leonardo DiCaprio once laid his body on... back in the 90's.


Moving on

Coming from the chill vibe of Koh Tao, I was transported yet again to another bucket world with less than impressive beaches. Let me explain before you get your panties in a bunch because I said the beach was crap.

Loh Dalum Beach - Absolutely dirty... the water itself. Wasn't clear, had dirty/mud/ boat resado whatever you want to call it floating all around. Scenery itself wasn't bad and had a great area of beach bars you could watch the sunset

Long Beach - Much clearer water but more family oriented. Had a bigger swimming area actually where you weren't surrounded by 3,000 taxi boats.

Maya Bay - It's not even a beach or a bay. It's a freakin herd of large tourists with all their self sticks out and umbrellas. I could barely walk without bumping into a self stick or hitting my head on the edge of an umbrella. I'm still amazed I was able to capture some shots without anyone in them.

Monkey Beach - The best one of them all. Beautiful, clean, less tourists, water crystal clear but unfortunately the monkeys here looked sad drinking leftover Fanta people left. Other than feeling like being around a circus, this beach was great.


Everything is so freakin' pricey here. Even the water and toasties are more pricey here. One good, hold up, two good pluses here are that 1 the chicken sandwiches are almost like home 2 the pizza was impressive enough to remind me of Sbarro pizza from the mall... that doesn't say much. 

Something else - you know when I left the southeast Thai islands, I thought I had said so long buckets. Oh no

Once again, I was wrong. Buckets are just as big here and shockingly 50 baht cheaper. We found our bucket Virgin Mary and let me tell, she makes a mean frozen mojito. We went to her so much that we even got a picture with her.


What a babe

I can officially say I am partied out.

*Note -Just want to make this clear, I did not rage the night away every night I was over here, not even 5 out of the 7 nights in a week. I know plenty of people over here who got pissed and majority of the time stayed in party hostels. Yes, I had my fair share of beer pong and buckets but let's not get carried away.

Koh Phi Phi, I like you. I love you. I may come back just for the shopping but no more buckets.

Oh and that 20 baht we all have to pay towards cleaning the island... sounds and looks like a load of crap to me.