cape me please

As any female does, we like to buy new things whenever we go on a trip. Regardless if it's a weekend trip or a 3 month backpacking trip, females like to buy new things for the occasion. For my trip to Mexico, I did not disappoint. 

As much as I wanted a new wardrobe, I knew I couldn't afford it. This is me being an adult. Yay me! 

So what was my favorite buy for the trip? This Show Me Your Mumu cape. I highly, HIGHLY recommend buying a cape if you don't own one now. You can thank me later.

wore this as a bathing suit coverup quite a few times plus wore it out on the streets of Mexico paired with a tube top (yes I said tube top) and distressed jeans. You can also wear this as a dress with a belt to cinch in that waist of yours.

Shockingly, I found this cape on Poshmark. If you don't know what this is or haven't used it before, stop what you're doing and check it out now! 

Buuutttt MuMu currently have some super cute ones on their website now. My top favorite are these. PS 2 are on sale. 

hotos by MuMu... obviously