20 bucket list 17


As 2017 is literally less than 12 hours, everybody and their mother is trying to get their shit in gear for January 1, 2017. Hell, even me! I cleaned my shower this morning and booked my first week of 2017 with workout classes. Let's see if I actually make all of them. 

So while everyone is talking about their New Years resolutions and weight loss goals, I thought I'd share what I'm doing instead - a bucket list of everything I want to accompish in 2017. I did this for my 25th year of 25 items I wanted to accomplish within that year. I completed quite a few but surprisingly crossed off more in my 26th year. 

What's in store for 2017 for me? Well...

1. Hike the Georgia trails of the Appalachian Trail
2. Attend blogging courses
3. Write weekly for Elite Daily
4. Hike Providence Canyon
5. Go to more music festivals
6. Pay off entire debt & keep it off
7. Travel to Thailand, Machu Picchu or South America, Iceland, London (complete at least 2) - and yes, I want to go back to Thailand because I love it that much
8. Read 10 or more books
9. Go to Art Basel in Miami
10. Try something new every month (12 new things)
11. Find more ways to style clothing
12. Keep up with Mittoshop
13. Write a letter to my older self
14. Start volunteering at a charity/ organization
15. Start giving out survival bags to homeless people
16. Run a 10k or half marathon
17. Try 2 new restaurants a month
18. Get a non defined 6 pack

I'm sure I'll be adding plently more to this but seems like I have a full year ahead of me working, writing and traveling. What's on your list for 2017?